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User Guidance User Guidance

WRAP recommends

Providing a single "Quick Start" instruction sheet on all products. This should be located at the top of the packaging so the customer sees it immediately (using brightly-coloured paper can help).
For Washing machines we recommend including this information on a Quick Start guide:
  • Your customer helpline details, so queries can be dealt with quickly and returns minimised.
  • An explanation as to why regular cleaning and use of a service wash are necessary and clear and simple instructions.
  • A reminder to check dosing information on the detergent packaging and to measure out detergent accordingly.
  • A warning not to wash heavy items such as shoes in the machine as this can damage the machine drum.
In addition we suggest:
  • An ‘easy peel’ sticker in the front of the machine window to: emphasise the need for seal and tray cleaning and to warn users not to lean on or otherwise apply weight to the open door of the washing machine.
  • Clear and simple instructions to be provided in the user manual to allow tightening of the hinge mounts to the machine body and for simple replacement of hinge and latch assemblies.
  • Clear and simple instructions in the user manual to enable users to tighten screws / bolts if paddles begin to work loose and replace the paddles if they get damaged.

Recommended guidance for households

Please look after your product to get many years of good service
  • Leave the door ajar after washing to assist door seal drying and prevent mould build up (where there is no risk to children etc.).
  • Dose detergent carefully taking account of the instructions on the packaging.
  • Regularly clean seals with appropriate chemicals
  • Regularly carry out a high temperature service wash (using detergent and an empty drum) .
  • Do not lean on or apply weight to the door when open.
  • Do not wash heavy items such as shoes in the machine