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User Guidance User Guidance

WRAP recommends

Providing a single "Quick Start" instruction sheet on all products. This should be located at the top of the packaging so the customer sees it immediately (using brightly-coloured paper can help).
For vacuum cleaners we recommend including this information on a Quick Start guide:
  • Your customer helpline details, so queries can be dealt with quickly and returns minimised.
  • Emphasise using the vacuum cleaner correctly to avoid damage.
  • Emphasise replacing bags or empting cyclones when full and replace filters every six months (or after every six bag changes / cyclone empties) or when they restrict air flow so that cleaning performance deteriorates.
  • Replacement must be simple with few steps and not require tools. Explain clearly in instruction manual, ideally by using photographs or diagrams.
  • The meaning of warning lights, if used, needs to be explained.
  • Instructions for replacing hoses, brushes and belts are also needed.
  • Supplying replacement bags, filters, etc. after customer purchase is simpler if customers are provided with a customer care number, such as on a sticker on the product.

Recommended guidance for households:

This is a high performance product designed to last many years. If you take care of it , this product will give you great service for a long time:

Emptying and cleaning:

  • To prevent over-heating, it is important to replace bags, empty the cyclones and dust collection compartments and periodically replace filters.
  • Brushes can become clogged and should be cleaned regularly to prevent damage.

Other recommendations:

  • Motors will stop if an auto-rest thermal switch is fitted. This does not mean the vacuum is broken but it has reached its maximum heat.
  • It is not recommended to pull cylinder cleaners by pulling the hoses.
  • Use the rewind mechanisms to recoil the wires gently and evenly.

How to replace parts

  • Bags and filters should be regularly changed.
  • Hose replacement should be simple involving undoing a clip or latch to allow removal of the old hose, fitting the new one and doing up the clip or latch.
  • Belt replacement will require dismantling of the housing and then loosening the mechanism to allow its removal and replacement. This should not require dismantling and removal of many parts.
  • Most other parts will require a professional repair and most parts should be replaceable (in a short time to minimise repair costs) with standard tools including the motor, bearings, printed circuit boards, sensors, etc.