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User guidance User guidance

WRAP recommends

Providing a single "Quick Start" instruction sheet on all products. This should be located at the top of the packaging so the customer sees it immediately (using brightly-coloured paper can help). For Microwave ovens we recommend including this information on a Quick Start guide:
Your customer helpline details, so queries can be dealt with quickly and
returns minimised.
  • Emphasise locating the product in a well-ventilated place to prevent overheating (include diagrams for non-English-speaking customers, for example with ticks and crosses for good and poor locations). A warning label can beĀ  attached to the mains cord to warn against use in an enclosed space.
  • Emphasise using the microwave correctly & avoiding using it empty.
  • Emphasise regular cleaning to remove food debris, for example on a weekly basis.
  • Include instructions on the type of cleaning products to use.

Recommended guidance for households

Please look after your product to get many years of good performance/service through good ventilation and regular cleaning.
Appropriate ventilation
  • It is important that your microwave is not placed in an enclosed compartment such as inside a cupboard as this could prevent ventilation of the parts.
  • You should not use your oven empty as this can damage the components
Regular cleaning and suitable cleaning agents
  • Take care of your microwave through regular cleaning of your oven on a weekly basis and removal of food debris.
  • Avoid using aggressive cleaning chemicals such as caustic chemicals, bleach and solvents (these can degrade some types of plastics used).Stainless steel should be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners.