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Turntable Turntable


  • Failure mode Food ingress can prevent rotation and decrease performance.
  • Durability feature Turntables can be omitted but it is preferable to use a centrally rotating spindle and limit gaps to the base of the spindle.
  • Cost

Good practices

  • Good practicesNo gaps in base
  • Good practices Use robust parts
  • Good practices Regular cleaning

Bad practices

  • Bad practicesLarge gaps in base
  • Bad practices Flimsy parts

Key facts

  • 15% of microwaves are replaced within 3 years because they fail or are unreliable. 

Icon key

  • Failure mode Failure mode
  • Durability features Durability features
  • Cost saving Cost saving
  • Low cost Low cost
  • Cost neutral Cost neutral
  • High cost High cost

Specification for improved performance

The specification below provides the recommended improvements needed to improve product durability. They are ranked from bronze to gold based on the effectiveness of the change in improving durability, with bronze being the minimum and gold being the maximum.

Small gaps at base; removal of turntable

  • Gaps between the base of the oven and rollers or spindles are small (<0.5mm, ideally <0.3mm) and exposed parts (rollers, etc.) are robust and not easily distorted.
  • Replacement parts for roller units and turntable plates.
  • Not including a turntable is an option and makes cleaning easier. These ovens will need a concealed “stirrer bar” to distribute microwave energy. However, turntables are claimed to give more even cooking so will be included in superior performing and more expensive models.

Central rotating spindle in sealed bearing

  • A central rotating spindle in a sealed bearing is preferable to driven rollers at the edge of the turntable where food is more likely to collect.

No gaps at base

  • No gaps in the driver or spindle where food can become trapped.

Testing to demonstrate performance

  • Ensure that the supplier meets your maximum gap specification. Ask to see evidence.
  • Ensure sideways movement of spindle and / or rollers under force of 1kg is within specification. Ask supplier to provide evidence.

Cost implications – Turntable

Improved reliability of components can reduce early returns and improve brand reputation which, in turn, can lower business costs and increase long-term sales.

To calculate overall cost savings for your business, use the WRAP cost/benefit analysis tool (currently in draft form and available on request).


Omit turntable 
Some low-end ovens omit the turntable and this will give a saving on the turntable parts such as a separate motor. However, any savings will be offset by having to  include a concealed microwave stirrer bar so the impact on production cost may be a small  saving or neutral, depending on the overall design. 


Turntable rotors 
Rotors for turntable in the centre of the oven are preferred as this location is further from where food collects on the base (as it is below the turntable). This should not incur an additional cost.

Low cost

High cost