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Most early failures can be avoided by simple design changes and by ensuring that parts are tested to show they meet minimum standards. Some types of early failures will be prevented by provision of clear user instructions, which should have no added cost.

The cost estimates in this guide assume that production costs to the manufacturer are £18.2 per microwave.

An additional section, on testing for combination microwaves, has been included in the downloadable full specification.

Download Download full specification

Download Download commercial summary

Icon key

  • Failure mode Failure mode
  • Durability features Durability features
  • Cost saving Cost saving
  • Low cost Low cost
  • Cost neutral Cost neutral
  • High cost High cost

Critical components

High voltage components

  • Failure mode Defects can occur due to poor manufacturing quality.
  • Durability features Use of certified and tested components to improve reliability.
  • Cost  

Control panel

  • Failure mode Malfunction can occur due to dirt and moisture ingress.
  • Durability features Use of minimum IP54 sealed touchpads or water proof I55 sealed touchpads for better performance.
  • Cost  

Door & safety interlocks switches

  • Failure mode Breakage of parts can occur if they are poorly attached or distorted.
  • Durability features Use of simple door pull mechanisms and robust plastics can help prevent failure.
  • Cost  


  • Failure mode Food ingress can prevent rotation and decrease performance.
  • Durability features Turntables can be omitted but it is preferable to use a centrally rotating spindle and limit gaps to the base of the spindle.
  • Cost  

Internal Surfaces

  • Failure mode Powder coated surfaces can become damaged if not cleaned
  • Durability features Coatings should be tested to prove resilience. Steel panels will be higher performance.
  • Cost  

User guidance

  • Failure mode Inadequate instructions can lead to early failure and returns.
  • Durability features User instructions on cleaning and ventilation