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User guidance User guidance

WRAP recommends

Providing a single "Quick Start" instruction sheet on all products. This should be located at the top of the packaging  so the customer sees it immediately (using brightly-coloured paper can help).
For Televisions we recommend including the following information on a Quick Start guide:
  • Your customer helpline details, so queries can be dealt with quickly and returns minimised.
  • How to attach the stand or wall mount safely, without risking damage to the TV
  • How to set up the remote control for use, including battery layout (+ve and–ve ends etc.)
  • TV set-up and tuning (use of auto tune and manual override of default settings)
  • Remote control use for general operation (on-off, channel selection, volume control, mute etc.)
  • How to set up and operate the TV with a universal remote control
  • Diagrams should be used where possible along with simple and clear English
In addition:
  • Firmware upgrade instructions to be provided in the user manual.