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Programming Programming


  • Failure mode Complex set-up and tuning requirements can lead to customer dissatisfaction and returns.
  • Durability feature Ensure that plug and play auto-setup/auto-tune is available and is the automatic default or easy to access and simple to use.
  • Cost

Good practices

  • Good practicesClear instructions
  • Good practicesPlug and play operation
  • Good practicesFaults displayed on screen

Bad practices

  • Bad practicesComplex set up with unclear instructions

Key facts

  • People expect TVs to last 5 to 10 years.
  • Barriers to buying own-brand products is the perception that they are less reliable.

Icon key

  • Failure mode Failure mode
  • Durability features Durability features
  • Cost saving Cost saving
  • Low cost Low cost
  • Cost neutral Cost neutral
  • High cost High cost

Specification for improved performance

The specification below provides the recommended improvements needed to improve product durability. They are ranked from bronze to gold based on the effectiveness of the change in improving durability, with bronze being the minimum and gold being the maximum.

Auto set-up settings

  • Auto tune / setup should be the default and require minimal or no user input.
  • Run a user group test to confirm ease of set-up *
  • Quality control procedures in place and documented **

Display of set-up problems and corrective action

  • The TV is to display any problems during set-up and indicate the cause (e.g. no aerial connection/weak signal)
  • Messages must be clear and simple and guide corrective action
  • Include a ‘help’ option in menus

* User Group test:  testing of set-up and auto-tune procedures with a sample audience that is representative of a range of customers

** QC Functionality Test: Power up and auto-tune/set-up test to be applied to a random sample of 1% of each TV production batch with 100% success rate.

Testing to demonstrate performance

Check that the set does have an auto-tune/set-up function

Ask for clear and specific evidence of meeting the requirements, e.g.:

  • technical specifications
  • test and quality control data.     

Cost implications

Improved reliability of components can reduce early returns and improve brand reputation which, in turn, can lower business costs and increase long-term sales.

To calculate overall cost savings for your business, use the WRAP cost/benefit analysis tool (currently in draft form and available on request).



Auto tune and auto set up
These give more efficient and reliable control of temperatures in the fridge freezer.

Display of set-up faults
Clear and concise user messages that assist in understanding where a set-up fault has occurred and how to address it. Minimal cost as purely a firmware programming change. 

Low cost

Testing and QC

A small group test will be low cost spread across all TVs purchased however QC will add a small but significant cost depending on labour rates in the factory. 

High cost