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Power board Power board


  • Failure mode PCB or connector design faults, supply power surge and power button faults can lead to power failure and the TV not working.
  • Durability feature Good PCB and connector design, with thermal and power surge protection, and thorough inspection/testing can prevent this.
  • Cost

Good practices

  • Good practicesOn/off switch located on TV
  • Good practicesSurface mount technology
  • Good practicesSoldered connections to be used
  • Good practicesComponents spaced/heat sinks
  • Good practicesPower surge protector
  • Good practicesSelf-diagnostic fault codes
  • Good practicesPCB inspection / QC procedures
  • Good practicesTV testing

Bad practices

  • Bad practicesNo On-Off switch on TV
  • Bad practicesPoor PCB design without heat sinks
  • Bad practices Surge protection
  • Bad practicesThrough hole PCB components
  • Bad practicesSpade connectors without solder
  • Bad practicesNo PCB inspection/QC procedures
  • Bad practicesNo TV testing

Key facts

  • People expect TVs to last 5 to 10 years.
  • Barriers to buying own-brand products is the perception that they are less reliable.

Icon key

  • Failure mode Failure mode
  • Durability features Durability features
  • Cost saving Cost saving
  • Low cost Low cost
  • Cost neutral Cost neutral
  • High cost High cost

Key failure modes

Early to Long Term Failure

A common fault with modern LCD TVs concerns the power supply, the remote power button or the TV on-off switch, i.e. the TV will not switch on. This can be caused by a poor switch contact or a fault on the power Printed Circuit Board (PCB).  

Specification for improved performance

The specification below provides the recommended improvements needed to improve product durability. They are ranked from bronze to gold based on the effectiveness of the change in improving durability, with bronze being the minimum and gold being the maximum.

Physical on-off switch; soldered connections; well-spaced components; power surge protection

  • Physical on-of switch to allow switch on in event of remote failure
  • TV to meet all relevant safety standards under EN60065
  • Soldered connections to be used where this will not inhibit replacement of the power PCB or key components on it
  • Power surge protection (varistor) on the power supply PCB
  • Critical components on power PCB to be well spaced to allow cooling 
  • Specified to meet lifetime test* 
  • Easily accessible / replaceable control PCBs without special tools
  • Replacement PCBs/components available in the UK at a reasonable price (<25% of new TV) for at least 5 years after the last unit manufactured.

PCB inspection to comply IPC610E and IPC-J-STD-001; contactless/electronic switches; surface mount technology

  • Key components to be surface mounted on the power PCB
  • Switches and dials to be electronic / contactless types
  • PCB to comply with IPC610E and IPC-J-STD-001

* Lifetime test: 10 TVs to be tested to operate without failure in 100% of cases, in normal operating conditions for 4 hours per day on-mode for a simulated 3 years of operation, with a 30 minute cool down between each set (NB at same time as Control Board Test).

Testing to demonstrate performance

Ask for clear and specific evidence of meeting the requirements listed above, e.g.:

  • technical specifications, drawings, photographs;
  • test data (ideally from an independent test house), quality control data.

Cost implications

Improved reliability of components can reduce early returns and improve brand reputation which, in turn, can lower business costs and increase long-term sales.

To calculate overall cost savings for your business, use the WRAP cost/benefit analysis tool (currently in draft form and available on request).



Low cost

Physical on/off switch on TV

On-off power switches are common and cheap.  The significant cost could be in a revised moulding with associated tooling costs. Contactless/electronic switches are generally more expensive than those with physical contacts but far more reliable.     

Surface mount technology

The use of surface mounted components could add a significant cost depending on the volumes made and production techniques available in the factory of choice.  

Power surge protection

Surge protectors (varistors) are commonly available and the additional cost should be low.

PCB/switch testing and inspection

Any testing and inspection will add cost in terms of rig time and labour costs. 

High cost