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LCD Television

LCD TVs are generally reliable but early faults can occur. Most early failures can be avoided by simple design changes and by ensuring that parts are tested to show they meet minimum standards.

Some types of early failures will be prevented by provision of clear user instructions, which should have no added cost.

The cost estimates for changes to design and specification in this guide assume a cost price of ~ £150 per television.

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LCD Television

Critical components

Stand/wall mount

  • Failure mode Weak mouldings and the TV weight being held purely by the plastic casing can lead to cracking and failure
  • Durability features Strong materials (e.g. steel stand insert/steel chassis) and fully formed mouldings are required combined with strength testing.
  • Cost  


  • Failure mode Complex set-up and tuning requirements can lead to customer dissatisfaction and returns.
  • Durability features Ensure that plug and play auto-setup/auto-tune is available and is the automatic default or easy to access and simple to use.
  • Cost  

Power board

  • Failure mode PCB or connector design faults, supply power surge and power button faults can lead to power failure and the TV not working.
  • Durability features Good PCB and connector design, with thermal and power surge protection, and thorough inspection/testing can prevent this.
  • Cost  

Remote Control

  • Failure mode Faults in remote control button connectors or electronics & physical damage, such as a broken battery compartment can prevent the remote from working
  • Durability features A robust case and good quality tested electronics. TV compatibility with universal remote coding as a back-up.
  • Cost  

Control board and Connectors

  • Failure mode PCB or connector design faults and programming issues can lead to picture and sound faults.
  • Durability features Good PCB design, firm fixing to the chassis to prevent flex and thorough inspection/ testing. Firmware upgradeability is also desirable.
  • Cost  

Speakers and mounts

  • Failure mode Poor speaker quality, lack of electronic filtering and case vibrations can lead to poor sound quality.
  • Durability features Rigid speaker casings and anti vibration mounts, combined with bandpass filters, can help to prevent poor sound quality.
  • Cost  

User guidance

  • Failure mode Poor instructions can lead to TV returns despite there being no TV fault.
  • Durability features Clear guidance on set up and operation is needed.