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A high proportion of poorly designed kettles will fail within the warranty period. Kettles are not designed to be repaired. It is therefore preferable that they are reliable.  From a WRAP survey, 22% of consumers check on-line reviews (Amazon, Revoo, etc.) before buying to avoid unreliable brands.

Durable kettles need attention to their overall design, suitable good quality components and materials and new designs should be assessed and tested for durability.

The cost estimates in this guide assume that production costs to the brand of a PP concealed element kettle is typically £5.20.

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Icon key

  • Failure mode Failure mode
  • Durability features Durability features
  • Cost saving Cost saving
  • Low cost Low cost
  • Cost neutral Cost neutral
  • High cost High cost

Critical components

Lid closure mechanism

  • Failure mode Failure to stay closed or failure to open due to unsuitable materials or design.
  • Durability features Durable materials and good design can help address
  • Cost  

Switch mechanism

  • Failure mode Kettle does not automatically switch off, is too slow to switch off or kettle will not switch on.
  • Durability features Use tested and reliable controls.
  • Cost  

Steam pipe

  • Failure mode Kettle too slow to switch off which can lead to early returns.
  • Durability features New design testing can be obtained free of charge.
  • Cost  

Heating element

  • Failure mode Heating elements can fail early if they are badly assembled.
  • Durability features Bus-bar connections instead of cords can save costs.
  • Cost  

Water gauge window and watertight seals

  • Failure mode Water leaks can occur from the water level window.
  • Durability features Good design and quality control can address leaks.
  • Cost  

User guidance

  • Failure mode Inadequate instructions can lead to early failure and returns.
  • Durability features User instructions on cleaning, ventilation and temperature ranges.