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DAB Radio

Simple changes can significantly improve product durability and reduce returns. These are the biggest areas of opportunity to improve the specification for little or no cost.

Reliable cost information can only be provided by the manufacturer/supplier and we strongly recommend that their advice is sought in regard to costs and benefits before specifying changes.

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  • Failure mode Failure mode
  • Durability features Durability features
  • Cost saving Cost saving
  • Low cost Low cost
  • Cost neutral Cost neutral
  • High cost High cost
DAB Radio

Critical components

Speakers and wiring

  • Failure mode Inadequate components reduce durability and sound quality.
  • Durability features Mounted speakers to avoid vibration.
  • Cost  


  • Failure mode Controls provide excessive movement, promoting damage.
  • Durability features The action of controls should be positive and smooth.
  • Cost  

Surface coating

  • Failure mode Coatings can degrade from incorrect cleaning.
  • Durability features Proper instruction will preserve the appearance of the product.
  • Cost  


  • Failure mode Failure in transit leads to a damaged or faulty product.
  • Durability features Packaging materials should fit properly, prevent scratching and provide cushioning.
  • Cost  

Build quality

  • Failure mode A substandard base can reduce stability.
  • Durability features Rubber feet provide adequate friction on most surfaces.
  • Cost  

User guidance

  • Failure mode Inadequate instructions can lead to early failure and returns.
  • Durability features User instructions should be clear and include content on cleaning.
  • Cost